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start the stop list

Published on November 25th, 2014

no mainWhat can you stop doing today?  Where can you exercise a quick and decisive “no?” Most of us enjoy pleasing people. We like to say “yes” so that others think highly of our abilities. We like to say “yes” so that we won’t be forgotten when new talent arrives. We like to say “yes” because the applause at the conclusion is something that we’ve allowed to become part of our identity and self-worth. There is a limit though. Too many “yes” moments make for an impossible pace while hurting our ability to focus on our expertise. Maybe the greatest thing that we could do today is to stop something. Saying “no” can be a wonderful gift you offer to others. You cannot take on everyone’s full range of requests, demands, or emotions. Free yourself. Say no.

What can you stop doing today?




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