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few…[a leadership thought]

Published on October 28th, 2014

few mainWhat makes a person a leader? Often it is the fact that there are not many who “see what they see.” It’s not that others are incapable, it’s just that leaders have great vision clarity.

As a leader…
Very few have the same passion.

Very few see what you see.

Very few dream as much as you dream.

Very few stay awake late into the night (or early in the morning) and worry as much as you worry.

Because there are so few, it is not hard to conclude that other people don’t care as much as they should. This can lead to moments of frustration where leaders become grouchy and lead out of discontent.

It’s OK that others do not see what you see. This is why you lead. This is why you accomplish things that many cannot. This is why you refuse to settle for average. So…help others see. Share stories from within your organization. Provide clear next steps and action items for those you lead. And keep passionately seeing things while moving forward.


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  1. Judi Koehler

    You are an outstanding leader, Eric! God has so richly blessed your passion and your vision! And I’m not just saying this cause I’m your mom 🙂 Keep up the GOD work. I’ve got a few people I’m going to share this with!

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