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chutes and ladders

Published on August 27th, 2014

chutes and ladders mainI’ve played multiple games of Chutes and Ladders in my parenting career. With six children, I can’t seem to escape the game. And…I never win. Never. I’m destined to hit every chute and often wallow in the middle to lower part of the board. I’m not bitter though because it’s about the time with my kids that is the most important part of the experience. Still, a win here or there would be good for my psyche. It finally happened. I played with my son Caden recently and absolutely dominated! Caden responded well and may have even laughed at my gloating. I’d like to think he was actually proud that his dad finally won at the game that has eluded me for years.

Now, here comes the cheeky comparisons to real life (as opposed to the game of Life). Life is a series of spins, steps, climbs, and slides. It just is. As much as we want our experiences to always fall in the “win” column, it doesn’t happen. We experience loss and failure. Try again. Laugh. Play. Embrace the tension. Find someone to celebrate the wins. Find someone to cry over loss. And…keep spinning. Your next move, creation, idea, prayer, or act of compassion could be the very thing that moves you in the right direction.


2 Responses

  1. Tom

    I love this post Eric! Today is one of those days where I will be giving it my best spin, hoping and praying that it lands me on the spot that attaches to the giant ladder. If not, you taught me that God has us right where he needs us to be, and for that, for you, and for Valley Point Church, I am forever grateful! Thanks!

    • Eric Koehler

      Thanks Tom. We love the ladders, don’t we? Perhaps we learn more about endurance though from the chutes on which we sometimes slide!

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