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college bound

Published on August 22nd, 2014

oldest and youngestI dropped my firstborn child off at college yesterday (Go Temple!). Not sure how I feel about all of this. I’m happy for him and excited about the numerous opportunities in front of him. I believe he’s going to excel. But, it’s a hard thing saying goodbye to someone who’s been in our house and an immense part of our lives for eighteen years. All of the meals, conversations, laughs, and simple presence…there will be less of these items that we’ve taken for granted. He’s not far from home, but it’s still different and will never be quite the same. The relationship changes yet again. It’s a new experience for us as parents and will no doubt prepare us for the next child to leave our home. It happens. It’s good. I’m learning again…


8 Responses

  1. Jean Mitchell

    A new life for all. it’s all good. it will prepare you for the next one & the regular stay at home kids become fewer & fewer. Good it is close & he can still feel connected & come home when he needs a hug.


  2. Eric Koehler

    Thanks Jean!

  3. We will miss Cameron! Big day for him! He is a great Cameron!

  4. Kim Trinkle

    As a mom that has sent three off to college I can tell you a few things.
    It never gets easier.
    You miss the little things about them while they are gone,
    Holidays begin when they come home and when they do they have twice as much laundry as before.
    But mostly, You find yourself praying for them twice as much.
    Praying he has a great first year and that for as much as your heart misses him your faith will remind you that God has him in His hands and will protect him in all things.
    Congratulations, one down and many more to come.

  5. Judi Koehler

    Oh son, my heart goes out to you and Tonia. Hard things in life, and this is one of the hardest. Leaving your son in a place besides home. Actually it is his new home now, for the next 4 years. But after 18 years he will always be your firstborn and he’ll always be in your heart and thoughts and prayers! That will never change! In our eyes you and Tonia have prepared him well!!

  6. Kathleen

    It doesn’t get easier, but it helps knowing that they’ve been ours to teach and guide for 18 years. Now, it’s their turn to teach and guide themselves. He’s got God, he’ll be good!

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