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Published on August 14th, 2014

rest mainNaps are beautiful. They are not for everyone, but I still feel they’re beautiful. I don’t often get to take them, but when I do, they restore alertness. I feel refreshed. I recently had a chance to take some time to vacation with my family. Slower mornings. No agendas. Time to eat and converse. Time to laugh. Time for, dare I say…nothing. It felt like a nap. I was able to rest. In my rest, conversations were deeper, food tasted better, walks were brisker, the ocean smelled better, and listening was a joy. I think these things happened naturally because I had rest.

Perhaps I should put my phone down a bit more. Maybe I should intentionally schedule rest. Maybe quiet should be a higher priority. A surfeit of busyness warps. It numbs. There are seasons for inventing, building, learning, strategizing, leading, and conquering. But, there should also be a season of rest. How is your rest?


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