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Published on July 24th, 2014

Chandler Surfing MainCourage is an amazing thing. I’d like to think that I am a courageous person, but I’m not so sure. Courage is something that gives an unusual amount of confidence to continue doing the next right thing. It’s facing tragedy, sickness, misfortune, death, and whatever else comes our way with a sense of purpose.

Author Malcolm Gladwell defines courage this way…

“Courage is what you earn when you’ve been through the tough times and you discover that they aren’t so tough after all.”

My friend Buddy Thigpen has courage. My friend Joey Borowski has courage. My friends Dave and Liz Myers have courage. My friend Cami Peck has courage. My friends Todd & Sharon Kanzinger have courage. My friend Anthony Easter has courage. My friend Kenna Hassellof has courage. My friends Mike and Becky Troyer have courage. My friend Karla DeSimone has courage.

These friends have endured more tragedy, sickness, discouragement, and loss than what I can possibly imagine. Yet, they are courageous. Each one, in their own unique way, breaking rules by walking with strength, boldness, and faith. My friends have taught me much about walking into storms. The rain does fall. Their stories continue. Their impact increases. And courage lives. Thank you friends.



2 Responses

  1. Jean Mitchell

    My daughter, Heather has courage. Different than loss, sickness, but a lot of discouragement. I never thought that she could be as strong or courageous spending 15 months in prison and going thru what she went thru. Sometimes I “forget” since she seems so normal, but am sure things are locked in her heart. Prayer, a loving family, especially her husband, that stood by her along with her courage got her thru. Thanks for Valley Point for praying also. The rain does fall, but when the storm ends and the sun comes out, you realize just how courageous you were. Don’t know if I could ever have been that courageous.

  2. Eric Koehler

    Great words Jean! Your entire family was courageous during that time. Thanks for your example.

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