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Published on July 21st, 2014

initiate mainI need to initiate more. Perhaps you feel the same way. When we initiate, we move forward. We create. We ship something that may be less than perfect. All of this is good. It’s very good. When we initiate there is something unique that happens; ideas flow, systems improve, and the cloud around uncertainty begins to move. It’s easier to wait. Often it just feels better to keep researching. It’s safer to watch others. But there is a time to start. What do you wish to start? What can you improve? Where is there discontent in your life? Make plans and then move forward. Create. Ship. In other words…initiate. You are needed.

Waiting to finalize? Waiting to make one more “tweak?” Waiting for approval from a superior that may never come? Move forward and initiate. It’s time, and your idea, plan, or thought is needed.


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