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a bit o’ prayer…

Published on July 15th, 2014

prayer candles mainAsk God for something. This is what I’ve been thinking about recently. Am I asking for something…anything? Am I asking on behalf of my family, friends, and community? God even invites us to do this. Need a job? Need a friend? Need a solution? Need parenting help? Need ___________________? Ask God for it. If you want to see a different outcome, pray. Ask tenaciously, and throw yourself into the struggle of patiently waiting.

 “The fawning etiquette of unctuous prayer is utterly foreign to the bible. Biblical prayer is impertinent, persistent, shameless, indecorous. It is more like haggling in an oriental bazaar than the polite monologues of the churches.”  – Walter Wink

Get passionate about something. Step into the presence of God. He is ready. So…ask.


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