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What about those I hate?

Published on May 16th, 2014

hate mainIt seems that we all have an individual (or two…or three?!) that fall into the category of people that I really don’t want to see.” Perhaps we would even say, “I hate that person.”For some, hate may be a strong word. It may be a strong word for those who think that everybody loves them. If that’s you, consider this…not everyone loves you! Sorry. Thereal world” is filled with relationship tensions. Thereal world” is filled with vexatious people. Discovering ways to manage these relationship tensions is a necessary life skill.

For some of you, maybe hate isn’t strong enough of a word. Perhaps there have been some terrible things that have happened in a relationship that have left you extremely wounded. Or maybe words have been exchanged with another and the damage feels like it’s irreversible. Perhaps you would even say that there’s not just tension in the relationship, but there is a level of anger that frightens you at times. Hatred destroys. And it doesn’t destroy the other person, it destroys me. It keeps me locked up in a nasty prison. It keeps me from being free. So, what’s the answer? What about those I hate? Here are some thoughts that have helped me. 

Choose to forgive. Unresolved relationship issues need resolution. Forgiveness is that solution. To forgive someone means that I’m making a deliberate choice to turn the key, open the cell door, and let the other person walk freely. In doing that we can find freedom too.

Live pursuing a bigger purpose. When we live pursuing the destruction of someone we hate, we lose. We lose every time. Exchange that emotion with pursuing something bigger for your life. Pursuing a bigger purpose involve forgiveness, choosing to live at peace with others, and letting love cover a multitude of wrongs.

Let God sortstuff” out. If you are involved in a situation that is connected to years of pain or abuse from someone, let God sort out the hurt. Begin to trust his love and ability to make beautiful things out of what looks messy.

Need to forgive someone? Need to seek out another person and ask for their forgiveness? Run into that sticky spot and let love work…well.


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