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Love Works!

Published on May 14th, 2014

loveWorks_logo1 Ben mainLove works…well. That seems like a disputable statement. Often those who attempt to compassionately love and place the needs of others first are quickly trampled, disregarded as irrelevant, and seen as soft. It seems that survival in a modern world takes toughness, strength, and a sharp focus on my interests.

Or, does it? What if I led with love? In my home, what if I led with love instead of sarcasm? In my school, what if I led with love instead of jealousy? At work, what if led with love instead of fear based, power hungry forms of influence? What if I intentionally thought of others first? What if I served those around me without expecting anything in return?

I’m currently walking through a teaching experience at ValleyPoint Church where we’re simply investigating what God says about how love works…well. Listen here!


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