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This group…

Published on May 13th, 2014

this team mainFor the past eight months, I have worked with an advisory group. I must say, this group has been amazing! I enjoyed every meeting and found myself being helped with their insight, perspective, and astute assessments. They advised me on strategy, sermon preparation, and systems that have helped and continue to help make ValleyPoint Church more effective. Their feedback was valuable, and much of what I am doing today has been influenced by this group. I thoroughly enjoyed serving with you, and hope you feel the same way.

So…a big thanks to (left to right in our picture) Jessica Kinney, Rhonda Sinor, Sheri Clemiss, Tonia Koehler, Bob Lannetti, Shari Kelly, Karen Kirk, and Rich Kirk. The team devotionals from Shari, Rhonda, and Sheri were impactful (I still remember them!). The food was fantastic. Our conversations were memorable. I am grateful…and a better leader. Special thanks to Bob Lanetti for the wise counsel that led to the formation of this team. Also, a special thanks to Rhonda Sinor for leading us. You did a fantastic job of keeping our meetings interesting and moving!


4 Responses

  1. Ministry is best acomplished in teams. It’s always fun to be on a good one! Looks like fun!

    • Eric Koehler

      We did have fun! And we accomplished!

      • Jean Mitchell

        This isn’t “good-bye” is it? Hope you all can continue to serve together since VP and the congregation is the better because of you all.

        • Eric Koehler

          Thanks Jean. This group serves for one year basically, and then they’ll “pass the torch” to a new advisory group. This will give others the chance to engage and lead. They were a great group!

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