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Published on April 25th, 2014

black and whiteI have six kids. They all have busy schedules. They all have expectations. They all have plans (for me). Honestly, sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming. I often feel as if I disappoint them on most days. It’s interesting too because it seems that just as soon as I begin to feel confident as a parent, something happens or a question is asked and my first response is, “uhhhhhhhhhhh…”

And my kids are all changing very fast. Somehow I don’t remember it happening at this pace when I was a child. I’ve learned recently to step back and hang on (in the middle of the fun) to these truths:

#1:  Remember the goal of parenting. I believe the goal of parenting is preparing your kids to leave. What am I doing relationally, spiritually, and financially to prepare my kids to survive on their own? There’s probably a ton of other “stuff” to throw into that equation, but I focus on those three areas.

#2: Know what you don’t know and ask for help. I have a friend who I see once a week at my favorite Starbucks. Every time he meets me, he asks about my kids. How are they doing? How are you doing with them? He’s further down the parenting journey than I am, and I value his insights. He encourages me. He knows things that I don’t know.

I love my kids! It’s a deeply humbling privilege to lead them. I want them to succeed. I want to succeed in my role as a parent. In the middle of the fun and their rapid changes, I’m reminding myself of the goal. As I remind myself of the goal, I’m asking for guidance. It’s helping…and I’m thankful!



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  1. Jean Mitchell

    You’re a lucky and blessed man!!!

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