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a leadership thought

Published on January 31st, 2014

a ledership thought mainOne of the leadership challenges I’ve experienced recently deals with appropriate risk. There are times you must make decisions without having all of the information you want or even need. Do you stop and wait? Do you move forward with confidence that things will fall into place? Do you hide in a closet and hope everything goes away…quickly? Personality and life experiences certainly play a role in how we respond to each situation. If I’ve been burned in the past, I’ll probably hesitate. If crying in the closet brings a solution, I’ll probably cry! If moving forward without knowing every detail has brought success, I’ll probably move forward. Here’s what I’ve learned recently about making decisions and moving forward.

+ Look past the shadows and have a strong answer for the “why.” There are shadows (doubts, confusion, naysayers) with every decision. Why are we doing this? Why move forward? Why take this step? Answering those questions provide vision clarity.

+ Talk to the right people. These aren’t the individuals who simply tell you what you want to hear, but they are trusted individuals who have delivered candid counsel in the past. They bring perspective, insight, and wisdom that you may not have. In talking to the right people though, you’ll have to say no to the bozos who drag you down.

+ Pray. Even if you’re not a “praying person,” pray. Ask others to join you in praying for clarity. This step has an amazing way of bringing inner calm that is necessary.

After that…make the decision quickly. You’ll probably never have 100% of the information. Step. Go.




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