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Published on January 28th, 2014

your journey mainPreparation is required for every journey.  I remember taking a trip recently where we were going to spend time with family in Ohio.  We picked a date.  We took care of all our responsibilities while we would be gone.  The car was prepared for the drive.  We packed.  The kids packed.  We locked the house, and I checked the doors at least ten times. I get kind of paranoid when I leave that a door will be wide-open or unlocked and so I check multiple times! After my paranoia subsided, we departed.  We arrived in Ohio only to discover that everything had been packed except for my suitcase.  I had nothing (this always seems to happen to paranoid people, right?). Of course, this gave me an excuse to go out and get a bunch of new stuff which turned out to be a good thing, but it was still annoying though because I thought I had prepared. If you’re not prepared for something…if you’re not prepared for a journey, there can be a cost.

Have a journey in front of you?  New work?  New relationship?  New season of life?  New pain?  New goal?  Often our own misoneism can keep us from ever starting what could be the journey of a lifetime.  Prepare as best as you can.  While you can’t anticipate everything, you can still think of possibilities.  Allow that thinking to formulate more questions.  Allow those questions to help you prepare.  And then, take the journey.  Step out and move.  Embrace it with hope…not the wishful thinking kind of hope that often leads to disappointment, but  honest hope that will carry you through life’s experiences.






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