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Stress Less!

Published on December 20th, 2013

cambree stressed mainIn five days we celebrate what for many is “the most wonderful time of the year.”  It’s Christmas.  It’s a time for family.  It’s a time to slow down and enjoy generosity at its best.  But the most wonderful time of the year often turns into the most stressfull time of the year.  There’s stuff to buy, and places to be, and expectations to maintain.  Between parties, new gadgets, and never ending food, it is truly wonderful!  But all of these activities- bring their own level of stress, chaos, and expense.  Often, it’s just too much.  Too much to do.  Too much to eat.  Too much to buy.  Is it time to say goodbye to “too much?”  What if the Christmas season had a true focus on the advent of the one who changed everything?  What if we reinvent Advent?  Here are three simple steps to take over the next few days to stress less.

#1:  Choose now to stress less.  Slow the pace intentionally.  Make the choice before others choose for you.

#2:  Say no.  Give yourself permission to say no to something (or maybe even a lot of things!).  Don’t go…stay home.  Sometimes in saying “no,” we’re actually saying “yes” to better things…things that are necessary.  I like saying “yes.”  I admit it. I do.  I like saying yes to every person and every party, but it’s too much.  I’m starting to enjoy the freedom a timely “no” can bring.

#3:  Put the “pre” in preparation.  As best as possible, don’t save the to-do items for the last possible minute, which creates stress for you and others.   What can you do today to reduce stress tomorrow?

What I’ve observed in myself and others tells me that we’re not that good at pushing the stress that can be avoided away from our lives.  So, let’s choose to stress less.  Say no to something.  And put the “pre” in preparation.



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