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Published on November 30th, 2013

thanksgiving 2013 mainBy definition, this word thankfulness means…gratefulness: warm friendly feelings of gratitude.  We just walked through yet another Thanksgiving holiday, and this is becoming one of my favorite days.  Beyond the food, the slower schedule, and the start of the holiday season, I enjoy it because of the people that surround me.  Each Thanksgiving, we pause and write down a few of the things for which we want to give thanks on “thankful leaves.”  I enjoy this exercise and even had the chance to capture my youngest daughter writing down how she’s thankful for her friend across the street.  Here are seven reasons why I have feelings of gratitude.

+ Tonia.  We’ve been married for twenty years.  Every day with you is a gift.  You’re amazing, and I am much, much stronger, confident, and better because of you.

+ Cameron, my oldest son.  It’s hard to believe that eighteen years ago we started this journey of parenting with your birth.  I love my time with you.  I’ve loved being your dad.  Love the conversations and “discussions” and think you win most of them now!

+ Clarice, my oldest daughter.  You were the first girl born on the Koehler side of the family in thirty years!  I’m still proud of that, and very proud of the young woman you have become.  Your perspective on life is real.  Your work ethic and persistence will take you far.

+ Chandler,  my middle son.  There may be nothing better in life than watching you laugh.  Love it.  Please continue to help us see the fun parts of life and continue to smile through challenges.  You have a gift, and it’s helping me.

+ Cailee, my middle daughter.  You continue to amaze me with your high levels of compassion.  It’s inspiring and a great example for your whole family.  We love giving things to you because we know that you give to others.

+ Caden, my Illinois baby.  You’re now missing your two front teeth (as of November 29th), and can honestly sing that “all you want for Christmas is your two front teeth!”  Your big teeth are on the way.  There are days I wish you could stay little.  It won’t happen, and I’m looking forward to watching you follow in your brother’s footsteps and become a strong, smart, and confident Koehler.

+ Cambree, my Pennsylvania baby.  Your smile, charm, and cute face keep us all going.  You are truly a gift to all of us.

I’m grateful for many other things and people, but with a new year approaching that will bring some changes to our family with a graduation, these seven people top my gratefulness list!


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  1. Jean Mitchell

    I am grateful for having my youngest daughter home with her family this Thanksgiving/Christmas season. It was a long haul, but am thankful that she is good and we all made it thru some difficult times. God is Faithful, He is Faithful!!!!

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