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Big Deal #1

Published on November 26th, 2013

bigdeal #1 mainI recently walked through a teaching series at ValleyPoint Church called “Big Deal.”  Our teaching centered on three different faith catalysts that drive us as a faith community.  I believe that these catalysts are not just for an organization.  They’re also great principles for individuals to embrace and live.  The three “Big Deal” posts on my blog are introductions to the talks given at ValleyPoint.  They are based on readings from authors Richard Stearns and Randy Alcorn.  You can listen to the talks here.

The call to follow Jesus is a pilgrimage into a brand new way of living.  It involves saying “no” to self.  It means placing the needs and interests of others ahead of my own.  It looks like love in action which cannot be denied.  This is a picture of the church.

“Jesus envisioned that these communities of believers would transform the world in which we live, much as springtime melts the cold and snow of winter and releases the exuberance of new life bursting forth.  We would be drawn to the cold places, the broken places, the ragged edges of our world.  We would be drawn to the open sores upon our societies:  poverty, disease, hunger, injustice, and exploitation, becoming a healing balm to those who feel marginalized, excluded, and discarded.  We would be voices for fairness, inclusion, and transparency in our governments and town halls, standing as lighthouses of integrity, compassion, and reason in our workplaces.  We would come alongside the struggling single mother; take up the cause of the poor, the alien, and the stranger; fight on behalf of the mistreated; and bring real hope to the hopeless.  Our generosity would astound, our determination amaze, and our love be irresistible.  Spring would burst forth from the church with new life as the Lord’s ambassadors of the kingdom go out announcing and demonstrating this new way of living:  believing what we pray, that ‘his kingdom come, his will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.'”    Unfinished, Richard Stearns. 


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