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The ValleyPoint Student Ministry

Published on November 1st, 2013

mud mainI’m very excited about what’s happening in the student ministry of ValleyPoint Church these days!  This energized group is really beginning to make some noise.  Their creativity and energy is contagious.  Students are being encouraged, challenged, and they’re having fun.  I see it in my own kids who are involved, and I’m very thankful for the impact!  The student ministry team hosts a  “Second Sunday Event” once a month.  In two months they have welcomed a growing number of 6th through 12th grade students to a giant mud pit and an outdoor theater.  The mud pit was…nasty (see picture!).  The outdoor theater brought in a giant inflatable screen with all of the complimentary movie snacks!   The next “Second Sunday Event” will take place on November 10th at a brand-new business called Skyzone!  This trampoline park will be opening soon.  And the best part is, our students are getting in BEFORE IT OPENS!  You can find out more information here!  

In addition to these events, twice a month students are meeting in smaller groups to experience life changing spiritual growth and mentoring. These groups meet in two homes, hosted by some amazing families at ValleyPoint.  Don’t miss out on the action.  Go ValleyPoint students!


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  1. It’s fun to be at things that are healthy and thriving. Way to go!

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