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I can’t do Donald Duck

Published on October 27th, 2013

Donald mainI’ve tried, but I simply cannot imitate Donald Duck.  It’s the only imitation that I wish I could do, but it fails me.  My father-in-law can imitate the duck sound perfectly.  Of course, this adds to my frustration.  My children flock to him with screams of delight as he effortlessly sounds like the beloved Disney character.  How did he get so lucky?  How long did it take him to perfect?  Will I ever be able to sound like Donald?  On a recent attempt, one of my kids informed me that I sound like a serial killer.  This disturbs me.  I’ve come to the conclusion that this is something that falls outside of my abilities.  While it still bothers me during family events (Donald is so popular…pshhhhh), I’m getting more comfortable with the fact that it is something I cannot do.  There are other things I can do.  I have other abilities.  Too often, I find myself focusing on what I can’t do.  I focus (even fret) over what may never be a reality.  I don’t believe this is a good use of time.  While I should be constantly seeking to discover and attempt new things, sometimes it is good to let those who are good at Donald Duck – be Donald Duck.  Celebrate the successes of others while focusing on your own strengths.  My kids, friends, and those I lead need me to be me.  Discover your uniqueness.  And then…lead, teach, sing, coach, mentor, counsel, encourage, and connect with your strengths!


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