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Published on September 30th, 2013

outlaw mainHe is soft…compassionate…manageable…a threat to no one.  Such is the cultural concept of Jesus the Messiah.  Often we mold him in such a way that he remains appealing and approachable.  Uniquely, this imagery was not the way that he was seen by his own culture, nor was it the anticipation of God that his son would be seen that way.  His own culture saw him as somewhat of an outlaw…a nonconformist.  He was someone who challenged the common thinking of the day.  He was not necessarily an icon that sat safely on the shelf.  It is because of this nonconformist that we get the opportunity for a new kind of life.  This is great news!  It’s when we see him in the role of Outlaw that we understand the difficulty of the mission that he faced, and the courage that it required.  I want to personally invite you to ValleyPoint Church as we look to biblical imagery that presents Jesus as a radical who challenged the religious machinery of his day.  Through his life, our can be changed!  If you’re not able to join us, listen to the podcast here.


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