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titles are meaningless…(unless)

Published on September 27th, 2013

job title mainIt’s true.  Titles are meaningless.  Action.  Developing others.  Serving with humility.  These are the things that matter.  These are the things that lead to influence.  These are the things that leaders choose to do.  I believe the idea of leadership has really changed in the past century from being a “title” or a “position” to being a person who influences and acts.  If you have the ability to influence even one other person, you are leading whether you have a title or not.  When you think about the life of Jesus, he didn’t really have a leadership title.  Those in leadership when he arrived rejected him.  Yet he was a leader who is still having impact.  He developed others.  He served with humility.  It isn’t what you are called, but what you do that allows you to lead.  Titles are fairly meaningless unless it’s accompanied with action that leads to influence.


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