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new school year

Published on September 7th, 2013

cameron's last dayIt has begun.  Some new clothes, new shoes, new supplies, new schedules, and new teachers have launched a school year that is going to be special.  I find five out of our six kids in school this year.  I am trying to enjoy all of these moments as they seem to be moving at an incredibly fast pace.  This was Cameron’s first day of his last year in high school.  This was Cailee’s first day of her last year in elementary school.  Clarice is an upperclassman.  Chandler is halfway through middle school.  Caden is no longer in kindergarten.

Time needs to slow down a bit.  But it won’t.  It can’t.  And this is actually good as maturing children are a beautiful thing.



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  1. Judi Koehler

    Love seeing our grandchildren grow up!! But it is way too fast! I remember when this was happening to you, Eric, your big sister and your two younger brothers!! Wow! Isn’t it amazing?

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