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ice cubes

Published on August 31st, 2013

ice mainI got grumpy last week because I did not have any ice cubes in my cup.  I love ice cubes.  I love a glass full of ice cubes.  The ice maker in my freezer stopped producing its usual glorious cubes of ice, and it made me mad.  I’m also fairly challenged when it comes to fixing things.  Perhaps that’s a part of my brain that is still developing.  I received some sound advice from a friend on how to potentially “fix” the ice conundrum.  These bits of information have been given to me in the past, but when I try to implement them, things only become worse.  And so I do not normally attempt to fix items.  Why bother, right?  But my love of ice drove me to try something that seemed odd at best.  I took a hair dryer and attempted to unfreeze the water line and ice making equipment (if that is what you call it).  Honestly, I assumed I would completely ruin the freezer and thus need to replace the entire refrigerator (back to why I don’t normally attempt to fix things).  But alas, ice cubes began to drop into their normal resting place.  Such a beautiful sound.  Cube after cube falling to create a sublime melody.

Thank you friend with a unique idea.  Thank you hair dryer.  Thank you water flowing into my fridge.  Thank you ice cubes in my glass.  Beautiful.


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  1. Michael Allison

    Thank you for sharing this story. The lesson that I learned from you is this…our love for the things that drive us will cause us to do things that seem odd. I’m sure in our walk with the Lord the love that we have for Him has caused us to do things which seem odd to other people and even ourselves. Jesus’ odd thing was dying for our sins when He was innocent. Mine was giving two of my favorite(and most expensive) ties to my brothers in Christ who admired them. I don’t know about you but I love my ties but I love God and his people more. 🙂

    Pastor do you mind sharing an “odd thing” you have done for the sake of Christ in your next blog? Looking forward to reading it.


  2. Thanks for the note Mike. Yes, I’ll work on that story!

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