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your current crisis…

Published on August 24th, 2013

red sea rules 2mainView your current crises as a faith builder for the future.  Sometimes, this is the only choice that helps us survive.  If you’re in any type of crisis right now (whether that’s intense and painful or something that is simply adding a bit of stress to your life) view it as a faith builder for the future.  You can also flip that phrase and look at it under different circumstances.  Perhaps this is your current situation:  view your current success as a faith builder for the future.  Crisis or success…God uses it all to grow us.

In order to view our current crises as a faith builder for the future, I think there are two tools that will enable us to make that choice.  With these additaments, we can thrive.

Tool #1:  More time in God’s Word.  Mentor after mentor is found on every page.  Through their mistakes and triumphs, we learn.

Tool #2:  More time with people who will pray and support you through the crisis.  Friends matter.  Friends who pray and support matter significantly.


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  1. Jean Mitchell

    Thanks for reminding me during my Red Sea Crisis. Also praying for Anita and Chip and baby. Thanks for having them up on Sunday so we can pray more knowing them more.

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