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Published on July 31st, 2013

cousins mainI’ve had the chance to watch my kids interact with their cousins the past few days.  It’s a true study in human behavior.  Sixteen cousins in one house creates quite the anthropological study.  They’re actually doing well together, and I have enjoyed watching different groups develop.  There’s an older group (15-17 year olds), a middle group (8-13 year olds), another middle group (5-6 year olds), and then a very young group (1-2 year olds).  I guess, they’re doing the “normal thing” and herding into age groups that fit their stage in life.  The fun part is when they interact across age groups.  They laugh.  They entertain.  They create.  They irritate.  They play.  They eat.  They scheme.  They secretly drink Gramma’s Mountain Dew.  Which brings up another study in human behavior.  Why does Gramma have Mountain Dew?  The only safe thing is Grampa’s prune juice.  No one is touching that proving that even young humans have the capacity to make good choices.


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  1. Jean Mitchell

    Glad that the Koehler’s are getting a chance to bond with relatives that they don’t see that often. It is nice to bond and keep that family connection. I’m still glad that you live in PA

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