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Published on July 29th, 2013

traveling mainI’m not exactly what you would call a “traveler.”  I don’t take many big trips.  However, once a year we make a pilgrimage to visit with family in Ohio and Illinois.  The trip is kind of long and involves multiple stops.  It seems that my kids need to use the bathroom, and the vehicle I drive inhales gasoline.  This creates visits at many (most) rest stops.  I seem to be the one asking, “are we ever going to get there?”

But this trip was fantastic.  I listened to music.  I talked with Tonia.  We planned, organized, and developed some things that Tonia will be leading at ValleyPoint (look out Real!).  We talked about other plans and how it feels like time is moving very fast.  I guess traveling can be fun…even with a two-year-old who somehow needs to use the bathroom just after we fly by the entrance to the rest stop!


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  1. Kris Anderson

    Sounds like it was very productive travel time. Two year olds always make travel interesting but it keeps you on your toes. Hope you had a great time with friends and family!

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