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old houses

Published on July 12th, 2013

newport mainI’m starting to get really interested in old houses.  I live in a new house…but I like old houses now.  There is beauty in the imperfections.  There is simplicity in design.  There also seems to be a story behind every structure.  The story is often less about the home and more about someone who lived there.  It was their hopes, dreams, and interests that made that dwelling a home.  I recently traveled to Newport, Rhode Island, and it seems that home after home has a story.  The house pictured was owned at one point by William Ellery, Jr., a merchant and the son of William Sr., one of Rhode Island’s two signers of the Declaration of Independence.  I’m sure there were some interesting conversations in this house.  It made me think of my own home.  What story is being told here?  It’s a story of a lot of people trying to live together.  It’s a story of imperfection (especially me).  It’s a story of  laughter and tears.  It’s a story of forgiveness.  It’s a story that’s still unfolding…chapter after chapter.  Buildings are great, but the story inside is even better.  What story does your home share?


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