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a break…five good things

Published on June 20th, 2013

rehoboth 2013 mainI’ve had the chance to take a break and relax this week.  It’s been very beneficial to me and my family as we’ve had the chance to slow the pace, talk to each other, and just play.  I started to write down some notes on why taking a break from the regular pace of life can be profitable.  Here are five “things” rolling around in my head right now.  I still have a few more days…this list will hopefully grow!

> A break gives you the chance for introspection.  I’ve been able to hear myself think on this break.

> A break gives you the chance to re-fill the creative tank.  Thoughts, insights, and words somehow come to life when you give them time.

> A break gives you the chance to talk.  This talking has been more casual and conversational, and I don’t feel the need to interrupt as much.

> A break gives you the chance to drink coffee at a normal pace.  It tastes so good.

> A break gives you the chance to let go of small irritations.  Somehow when you’re relaxed, there is a lot that just doesn’t matter.


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