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Elio Madonia

Published on May 24th, 2013

dominican mainI met Elio Madonia recently on a trip to the Dominican Republic.  Elio is truly a fascinating individual.  For the past twenty five years of his life, he has given himself to helping the poor with one of their most basic needs – housing.  As a retired business owner, he had a plan mapped out for his life that involved travel, time with friends, and enjoying the benefits of his hard work.  On his first vacation though, what he encountered in the Dominican Republic changed everything.  What he saw was poverty and living conditions which caused him to rethink how he would use his retirement years.  He committed to building one village of twenty five homes.  What started as a small project of twenty five homes has now turned into nine villages representing over 1000 homes, 10 churches, 6 schools, 5 medical centers and sports facilities. Spending time with Elio was truly inspiring. I’m now reading his book called Divine Passion to Help Others.  Here is just one thought he shared about charity.

“The most deserving form of charity, according to Maimonide (Hebrew Rabbi), is not in giving alms but in helping the poor free themselves from the bondage of poverty.  By lending them money, making them our partners or providing them with an adequate job, we are enabling them to achieve the desired results without feeling humiliated.”


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  1. Jean Mitchell

    We need more people like Elio

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