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Published on April 26th, 2013

cracked phone mainHave you recently walked through the pain of failure?  Often that pain leaves us shattered and broken.  Whatever that failure may be, life tends to get lonely in those moments.

+ Maybe that failure is a relationship that just didn’t work, and you feel bad about it.
+ Maybe that failure is some type of habit or hang-up that won’t let go, and you just can’t seem to get on the other side.
+ Maybe that failure is something that you’ve done as a parent.  You’ve blow-up or caused some type of hurt, and you can’t get that back.
+ Maybe that failure is something that you tried with good intentions and high hopes, but it didn’t work.
+ Maybe that failure is financial…and you’re trying to recover.
+ Maybe that failure is moral…and you’re still picking up the pieces.
+ Maybe that failure is just a feeling.  You haven’t really done anything wrong, but you just feel like someone who fails.

Failure is all around us and when we fail, whatever that looks like, it tends to get very lonely.  No celebration.  No parties. It’s just you.  And we don’t like that place.  But that is often where God meets us, picks us up, looks in our eyes, and tells us, “don’t let the past define you.  Don’t let failure keep you from taking the next step.  You are not what you’ve done.  You are not what’s been done to you.  Don’t let the past eat your future.”


One Response

  1. Jean Mitchell

    Love that….”don’t let the past eat your future”. It’s over, done with now get on with life.

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