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Just a few things that leaders do…

Published on March 15th, 2013

doLeadership is a fascinating venture.  There is not an absence of books, conferences, and blogs dedicated to this very topic.  The idea of leadership is everywhere.  I’ve discovered that effective leaders are the ones simply doing things – beyond the books and conferences.  They’re creating, initiating change, and inspiring others.  They have followers because of who they are, which drives what they do.  Here are three observations on some of the things that leaders do.

+  Leaders face reality.  They see it.  They study it.  They transmit it.  They find ways to take reality (both good and bad) and create a better future.

+  Leaders move.  They consistently communicate with and without words that it’s time to “break camp and move on.”  They don’t sit still and wait for things to happen…they make things happen.

+  Leaders consistently hand off responsibilities.  They understand that they cannot do everything, and they get comfortable with that fact.  It doesn’t bother them that they need others.  They find smart people.  They share.  They take risks in this area, and they find those individuals with wisdom, understanding, and respect.  Key: these items are evident in the life of the leader first.  They know they cannot attract what they don’t possess.


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