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My Pennsylvania baby is 2!

Published on February 7th, 2013

Cambree 2 mainMy wife and I have had a child in each state where we have lived since getting married.  It’s not unusual for us to refer to our kids as the “ones born in Indiana.”  Or, “you were our Illinois baby.”  Or, “you are our Pennsylvania baby.”  That’s Cambree…our Pennsylvania baby.  She’s now two years old.  She’s a true gift.  Beautiful.  Fun.  Loving.  Happy birthday Miss Bree!


12 Responses

  1. Happy birthday big girl! Hope your 2nd birthday is the BEST Cambree!!

  2. Aaron

    Happy birthday, Bree!

  3. Susan Barr-Shepherd

    What a beautiful little girl! So blessed to have such wonderful children! We truly enjoy them all! Happy Birthday Bree! God bless you all!

  4. Gramma Koehler

    Happy 2nd birthday Cambree Madison! We love you and wish we could spend this day with you!

  5. Betty

    You forgot an adjective…she’s ADORABLE!!!

  6. Jean Mitchell

    Happy Birthday, Bree…..2 years old and so beautiful & a Pennsylvania child. You will learn to love your birth state…..beautiful like you and so much history. Have a blessed birthday with your wonderful family.

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