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Genesis 21:17

Published on October 30th, 2012

The very first part of this verse is incredibly powerful.  “God heard the boy crying…”  This was a boy who had been sent away, abandoned, and left for dead.  His chances for survival were slim.  God changes everything though.  He heard the boy crying.  Those words are stunning.  The word heard has the idea of hearing with attention, interest, and understanding.  God really heard.  He gave attention to the cry.  He was interested in the cry.  He was filled with understanding.  God heard the boy crying.  He does the same for me.  He does the same for you.  Will you let Genesis 21:17 carry you through every raw deal that comes your way?


2 Responses

  1. Jean Mitchell

    I am glad that God hears our cries and can help us thru the “raw deals” we sometimes have to bear. I know He is there and listens to His children.

  2. Thanks for the response Jean!

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