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Play the Movie

Published on October 6th, 2012

Movies can be fascinating.  They captivate.  They inspire.  They invoke emotion.  They make us laugh. Sometimes they make us cry.  We like movies because they give us the chance to escape.  They give us the chance to forget. They also have this unique ability to re-kindle hope.  I’m not the biggest movie “buff”, but I know that movies can have a powerful impact. I’ve seen it happen in my own life.  It’s why we go back and enjoy the drama as the scenes unfold. It seems that we’re quick to say, “play the movie.”

We’re quick to say that except for when it comes to real life. I’ve seen myself make choices without considering the outcome.  I often make choices without considering the ending scene.  I often fail to play the “cause and effect” game.  When that happens, life can become a dense fog.

While we never know what might happen down the road, here’s what I’ve discovered.  Wise people think about it.  I’m amazed at the wise people that I’ve had the chance to watch in my life.  Parents…mentors…friends.  I’ve observed them “playing the movie” with their life choices and anticipating what will happen in the end. I believe this simple life strategy has brought clarity, purpose, and boldness into their lives.  I want more of that!  I’d love to have you join me at ValleyPoint Church as we remind ourselves to “play the movie” and become prepared people who approach life with a confidence that God will meet us in every scene.


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