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Published on September 20th, 2012

I’ve been thinking about how generosity has the ability to change people.  It certainly changes those who are on the receiving end of generosity.  But it also changes those who choose to share.  I know, I’m not the most generous person.  I’m being stretched in this area, and it can often be quite uncomfortable.  I find myself being amazed at stories of people who give extravagantly.  I heard one of those stories this past Sunday.  At ValleyPoint Church, we hosted a “Love Day” where we asked people to bring shoes to give away to an organization that takes them around the world to share with those in need.  The lobby was packed with shoes!  It was quite a sight.  A grandmother shared with me how she had gone shopping with her granddaughter just that week.  They were looking at shoes.  The granddaughter asked if she would be able to buy some shoes, not for herself, but so that she could give them away.  I was talking to one proud grandmother!

Generosity is contagious and it helps us achieve things that we might not have been able to do without the unselfishness of others.  Here are a few other ways I’ve recently seen generosity make a difference.

  • Many were able to enjoy a fantastic fireworks display at the close of our Vacation Bible School due to the generosity of someone who shared their fireworks supply to make that possible.  Thanks!
  • 1,323.9 pounds of food were delivered to the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry due to the generosity of many who donated food items to make that possible.  Thanks!
  • The staff at ValleyPoint was able to get away for a planning and vision retreat at the start of this new season due to the generosity of someone who shared their vacation home (and meals) to make that possible.  Thanks!
  • 3 people recently trusted Christ at ValleyPoint!  The generosity of many makes it possible for there to be a place where people can hear about a God who loves them.  Thanks!
  • A family who recently had a baby received some tasty meals delivered to their home due to the generosity of those who took time to prepare and share.  Thanks!

There are so many more stories!  Go ValleyPoint.  Let generosity reign.



2 Responses

  1. Jean

    Way to go Valley Point!!!!!

  2. […] generosity this past Sunday was amazing (read my blog post about it here).  There were more shoes than those two barrells could handle!  Shoes were everywhere.  We also […]

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