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5 thoughts for leaders

Published on July 20th, 2012

Thought #1:  Leaders are intentional with how they interact with people.  They don’t have the “let me serve people part,” and then a “leave me alone – I’m taking a break” part.  Every part of their lives should be weaved together into a tapestry of significance.

Thought #2 :  Look for the next, right thing to do.  Leaders abandon the complaining, whining, “my life sucks” mode and simply look for something to do.  When they find it, they act.

Thought #3:  Opportunity often comes in strange packages.  Obvious opportunities are too easy.  Leaders look for tough challenges and embrace challenges even when they’re surprised.

Thought #4:  Greater impact in the future generally follows simple steps of intentionality today.  Often larger opportunities are not given to those who haven’t already proven themselves humble, reliable, and effective.

Thought #5:  People watch.  And they want to know if we’re real.  They’re not looking for magic, just authenticity.



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  1. Judi Koehler

    Thought provoking! I’m saving this one!

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