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3 things I’m learning about generosity

Published on May 12th, 2012

I’m no expert on generosity, but I have been learning a lot about this topic recently.  There is something remarkable about generous people.  People who freely give of their time, passion, insight, and money are amazing.  They’re the kind of people that you just like.  You want to spend more time with them.  You want to work with them.  They’re simply generous and seem to explode with energy with every opportunity to give.  My daughter Cailee is one of the most generous people I know.  Her default action is generosity.  She gives and is completely energized in that moment.  I find myself wanting to give more to her so that she can courageously embrace her generous spirit.  I often wish I could act the same way.  Here are the three things I’ve learned recently about generosity as I seek to grow in this area.

1. Generosity frees us from the addiction to “stuff”.  When I give more away, I’m not as attached…to anything.

2. Generosity frees us to use our resources on purpose! Whether I’m giving away money, ideas, or time, it forces me to use what remains in a very intentional way.

3.  Generosity frees us to invest in things that matter eternally.  We have a proclivity to hang on to what we have for fear that we won’t get to live the kind of life we want if we give things away.  I find myself often living with this “scarcity” mentality.  Scarcity causes us to keep our hands closed.  Scarcity causes us to walk away from true needs.  Scarcity causes us to miss out on having real impact that can last beyond our lifetime.  Generosity has this unique way of helping us overcome scarcity.



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