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Published on March 3rd, 2012

It seems that wanting to be “like Jesus” is something that inspires many people. It sounds like a nice idea.  It appears to be something pleasant, applaudable, and noble.  So often our picture of Jesus includes someone with flowing hair who walked around smiling and waving at the crowds who were pushing their way to see him.  We picture Jesus as being ultimately kind and willing to help the helpless.  Jesus was truly all of that and much more.  It’s the “more” part that we sometimes avoid.  There is another side to Jesus that we don’t often investigate.  It’s the side of Jesus that threw down hard challenges.  He often gave the type of challenges that would cause many to walk away saying, “it’s too hard.”  In reality, do we actually want to be like Jesus?  Do we really want to follow after Him?  If so, we must look at His words and then act.  When we “do” the words of Jesus, it has the potential to help us move beyond the status quo.  This has been an ongoing conversation at ValleyPoint Church.  We have recently investigated some of the “red letters of Jesus” as found in Matthew 5, 15, & 16.

His words are simply amazing.  Life- changing.  Really!  You can listen to these recent conversations at ValleyPoint here.


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