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break “perfect” with generosity

Published on January 13th, 2012

Do you ever get tired of trying to chase the perfect life?  The “perfect life” can be described as making sure that I look like I’ve got everything together – everything from me, to my stuff, to my family, to my job, to my bank account, to my _______________ (you fill in the blank!).   It’s putting off the vibe that my life is great…maybe even perfect.  There’s just one problem.  Perfect doesn’t exist.  It’s not real.  How do you break the addiction to chasing the “perfect life?”  Break “perfect” with generosity. What does that actually look like though?  Look for a need that you can meet.  Reach out to those who are vulnerable.  Share.  Give.

Generosity is a powerful thing.  I’ve seen it grow in my own life when I look at real need and then act.  When I give financially, volunteer, or simply “show up” for someone in their time of need, it helps take the focus off of me.  I think, sometimes we wait until everything is lined up, and the environment is right for generosity – for us.  That may never happen, so just step out and get generous.  How have you seen generosity change you?



2 Responses

  1. Generosity—making someone’s day by giving something away.
    That was our virtue for December in Kidtropolis. It’s a great virtue.

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