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3 resolutions to embrace

Published on January 6th, 2012

We’re six days in to 2012.  Have you “resolved” to take any new steps this year?  If you have made some resolutions, have you already bailed?  Try it again…it’s still a new year.  Here are a few action resolutions that I believe are worth taking.
> Become a better leader, father, mother, worker, father, or daughter.  Whatever station of life currently defines you, improve.  Are you a leader?  Take steps to improve how you lead.  Are you a student?  Find ways to make progress.  Are you a parent?  Seek opportunities to parent with more intentionality.  Get better.  Motivate yourself to action by taking intentional steps to improve.

> Think of others first…and then act.  There’s enough of the opposite.  Be saturated with thinking about how you can serve others.  Imagine what might happen if you lead the way with thinking of others first where you work?  How about at home?   Do more than just think though.  Make it happen.  Act.

> Read more.  It made a huge difference in my life this year, and I’m looking forward to new discoveries based on what I read.  I think we’ve all heard the statement, “readers are leaders.”  I’ve always considered that somewhat of a  lame cliche.  But after this year, I’m convinced it’s dripping with a lot of truth.  My reading list this past year inspired, sustained, challenged, and filled me with ideas.  The experts say that readers have reduced stress, an increased vocabulary, sharper analytical thinking, and greater writing skills.  Reading a bit more is worth it.

> Chase God (OK…this is resolution #4…and it’s the best one!).   God even tells us, “those who search will surely find me.”  Proverbs 8:17.  Chasing God will lead to minds that are confident and at rest – so chase Him.


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