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Naturalization Ceremony

Published on September 9th, 2011

I had the chance recently to participate in welcoming new citizens into our great country.  I’ve never been to a naturalization ceremony before, and it was fascinating.  It made me proud of our country.  It’s still a great place and many want to be here.  After the oath was taken, and the candidates were officially proclaimed citizens of the United States, they all cheered and waved their American Flags.  It was loud.  It was energetic.  It was moving.  Upon receiving their certificates, many held them close, read them intently, or shared it with their friends.  I’m glad I had the chance to see how we welcome new citizens.  I was asked to give a prayer for those we were celebrating.  Here’s what I prayed…

“Father, in this room are many people.  People that you created.  People that you love.  We thank you for the gift of each one of their lives.  For everyone here tonight who is starting a new journey as citizens of the United States, may you richly bless  them.  Encourage them.  Use them to help others.  Give them purpose-filled lives.  May we all know that your goodness and mercy will pursue us all the days of our lives.  May you bless America and these new citizens.  In Jesus name…”



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