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randomness – June 10, 2011

Published on June 10th, 2011

Randomness for week of June 10, 2011!  Love Rescue Heroes.  Here are some things that caught my attention.

> Another great generosity story from Chi-town!

> The whole Bieber impersonation thing was kind of strange.

> Dirk Nowitzki…you’re actually fun to watch.  This has been a very interesting NBA finals.  Still think Derrick Rose would have been able to take Dallas.

> I’m thinking I should pick up this little piece of real estate in Philly.  Any thoughts?

> Here’s another quiz. 14 questions to find out how “Millennial” you are by comparing your answers with those of respondents to a scientific nationwide survey. You can also find out how you stack up against others your age.

> Thought this was pretty fascinating… Synchronicity, intimacy and productivity.


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