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Published on March 25th, 2011

Sometimes we allow habits to sneak into our lives…into our marriages that make living with another person nearly impossible. What are those habits? We’ll call them “love bumps”.  Do any of these “bumps” exist in your marriage?

#1:  Words that cut. These are the little, sarcastic jabs that hurt and leave a mark.
#2:  Not asking for forgiveness. This is where you’ve knowingly hurt your spouse. You’ve said something or done something that hurts, but instead of seeking forgiveness…nothing.
#3:  Lack of fun.  This is where a couple stops doing the things that originally brought them together. They’re just kind of existing in the same house.
#4:  Trying to straighten out your spouse. This is where you are tempted to fix your spouse.  Something is wrong and you have the answer.  If they would just listen and make the necessary adjustments that are obvious and clear, than life would be good.
#5:  Secrets. Secrets are the things that we hide from our spouse and hope they’ll never discover.
#6:  No intimacy. Marriage without regular intimacy is not good.




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