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app “stuff”…

Published on January 15th, 2011

I’ve had a great time walking through “There’s An App For That” at Fellowship.  Our current experience has helped us think through a few of life’s dilemmas.  We’ve discovered that there’s an application for whatever we may experience.  Ashamed of your past?  There’s hope.  Don’t feel like God’s very fair?  He’s loving beyond what we deserve.  Don’t feel like you’re going to make it financially?  Embrace generosity.  It’s interesting to me that some of the answers to the challenges we face don’t always make sense.  Often, they’re counter culture.  They’re not always safe or easy.  I like that.  Looking at life from a different perspective can enspirit us.

On Sunday, January 16th, we wrap up this whole three week journey with a talk about how God views money.  Scripture is filled with amazing thoughts on the green stuff.  Curious?  It will be the start of a great discussion!


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