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bucket buddy

Published on December 31st, 2010

In our home, we’re currently preparing for the arrival of  a new family member.  We’re having another girl, and we’re excited about holding her, welcoming her, and having her as part of our family.  A new arrival is always a pretty energizing time.  My big role in this has been getting some of the rooms ready.  I’m not very handy, and I really don’t enjoy building things.  It’s just not fun for me, but it’s necessary.  It seems that IKEA enjoys tormenting me with so many bolts, screws, and things that take a tiny tool which kills my hands!  I actually had a pretty good day yesterday putting together Caden’s bed.  It took some time, but with patience, a cool head, and a few tools from my bucket buddy…look out world.  This New Year will bring more changes for our family.  It will bring more changes for me as a father and husband.  There’s one more person who needs me.  That’s pretty humbling.  I don’t want to just accomplish “more”.  I don’t want to just have more.  It seems like that becomes our focus occasionally.  It may take me longer to put things together, but that’s okay.  What I really want for the changes I’m experiencing in this new season is to simply become a better person.


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