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big deal

Published on December 17th, 2010

What’s the big deal about Christmas?  Seriously?  I’ve had the privilege of asking this question every week at Fellowship Church in Glen Mills, PA. We’ve been on a journey of discovering that Christmas is a big deal!  It’s huge!  It’s a time for celebration.  It’s a time for being rescued.  It’s a time for hope.  It’s a time for reconciliation.

I jumped online the other day, and I typed a statement for GOOGLE to just devour.  I typed in, “why I hate Christmas”.  In less than one second I got over 28 million results.  From videos to blogs to opinion polls to a page on Facebook, I discovered that Christmas is pushed as this all-fun, all-celebration event that overwhelms.  But I think sometimes you step back and say, “really”?  Perhaps as you approach this big event, you’re not “feelin’ it” because…

  • It’s just a huge hassle.
  • There’s no more cash.
  • Emotionally, you’re exhausted.
  • You don’t really want that much down time with your kids who are home from school.
  • You’re tired of trying to make people happy by giving “stuff” that they don’t really need.
  • In the middle of celebrating Jesus, you don’t think he actually cares about you.
  • It’s just a reminder of everything you don’t have.
  • You’re lonely and hurt.

And on and on it goes!  Yet in the middle of all that raw emotion, Christmas happens.  Not only does it happen, but it gets so much action!  Why? Why, why, why?  This season get’s so much action because it’s a big deal!  It’s a big deal because God wanted it that way.  God threw the ultimate party for the world by giving a gift that was truly priceless.  His gift…brought great news…great joy!


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