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Published on November 8th, 2010

I love this word in Spanish!  I had the chance to hear it and experience it in Nicaragua.  I had the privilege to spend time in this great country recently.  Loved it!  My heart is full, and my mind has been challenged.  I got to see two amazing organizations pouring their dreams, passion, and creativity into changing the world – Compassion International and the Willow Creek Association.  I also made 12 new friends who were part of the trip, and I’m grateful for how they impacted my life in a short time.  You are all fantastico (In Italian that word means “an extremely bizarre person”.  Slightly different than the Spanish meaning. I’ll leave that alone!).  The Nicaraguan church is alive!  Your passion for God is contagious! I got to see how three different churches are making a difference.  It’s amazing.  May you continue to serve and help people deepen their friendship with God.  The Nicaraguan people…so kind.  So happy.  So content.  So real. So generous.  I want more of that in my own life, and you’ve helped me see what really matters.  Fantastico!


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